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  • Solitario


    Are you skilled at manipulating the cards in this, the king of all solitaire games in Spanish?

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  • Dimensión Mahjong Moda

    Dimensión Mahjong Moda

    A 3D version of classic tile game in Spanish. Just when you think you're stuck, rotate the cube to reveal more matches!

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  • Bryx


    You'll need a quick memory and steady mouse-hand to solve these ancient riddles before time runs out.

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  • Mah Jongg

    Mah Jongg

    Simply click on two free tiles that match identically and attempt to clear the board as quickly as possible.

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  • Speed Solitaire

    Speed Solitaire

    Can you keep up with this take on solitaire? Clear as many cards as you can in the time provided and score as much as you can!

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  • Freecell Solitaire

    Freecell Solitaire

    Place all of your cards in ascending order based on suit in the classic card game.

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  • Video Poker Joker's Wild

    Video Poker Joker's Wild

    Deal, bet and win. That's all it takes with Video Poker. And watch out, the Jokers are wild!

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Puzzle Games

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  • Springtime Mahjongg Dimensions

    Springtime Mahjongg Dimensions

    A 3D version of classic tile game, made just for spring! Just when you think you're stuck, rotate the cube to reveal more matches!

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  • Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

    Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

    The next evolution in Mahjongg Dimension games, Dark Dimensions adds a new time element and new "dimension" to this great game!

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  • Find It

    Find It

    You have only a few minutes to find all of the items in this hidden object game.

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  • Mohjongg Dimensions

    Mohjongg Dimensions

    A 3D version of classic tile game. Just when you think you're stuck, rotate the cube to reveal more matches!

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Strategy Games

Strategy Games
  • Flip Out

    Flip Out

    Flip Out is a fresh new take on matching games. You'll be matching far more that just similar images!

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  • Mixology


    Serve thirsty customers in this new take on classic match 3 games. Once a drink is ready, click it to serve your customer.

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Arcade Games

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  • Carniball


    This amusement park classic has now come to your desktop with all the same exciting features and gameplay.

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  • Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt

    Enjoy this fun and deceptively simple game where you match treasures and then make them disappear.

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  • Monkey Gems

    Monkey Gems

    BenBen the monkey needs your help! He needs to keep the snakes from getting to him. Use his gems to eliminate the snake threat!

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  • Pool


    Prepare for some pool hall action packed with an authentic overhead table top view and mouse-controlled cue.

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