Better Eating for the kids

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Tasty Nutritious Alternatives to Sugary, Processed Snack Foods


Healthy Kids Snacks


When you’re a kid the time between lunch and dinner can seem endless.


Kids want something yummy to tide them over while parents want their kids to eat healthy nutritious snack foods that won’t leave them too full for dinner.


Three keys to healthy snacks that won’t interfere with dinner:


Timing: Allow at least two to three hours between snacks and meals. Amount: The shorter the amount of time before the next meal the lighter the snack should be. Content: Avoid highly processed, sugary foods in favor of whole grains, fresh fruits, and veggies, and proteins such as nuts, dairy cheese (non-dairy cheese does not usually have much nutritional value unfortunately), and plain yogurt, dairy or non-dairy. The protein will help keep kids’ blood sugar levels steady between meals.


If you are transitioning your kids from sugary snacks to healthy nutritious snack foods, keep in mind that it will take many exposures before a child will decide that they like a new food. Hungry kids are often more willing to try new foods.


If your kids are really resistant to new foods keep feeding them the same snack foods as before but in much smaller quantities so that your kids will be hungry for the healthy meal that you serve later. Be persistent and patient and your children will be eating healthy snacks before you know it!


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