HELP! Hice algo malo con la sopa...

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What can you add to a soup (black bean soup) if you've put too much lime??? (that's what's standing out too much to me in the soup... also maybe a spice but I can't tell which eek)

I am not really a chef and can't think what will kill the acidity... I don't have more beans, or I'd just add more to kind of water it down.... any help would be appreciated! GRACIAS!!!

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ML Ingrid

Hmmm...maybe add a little more water and maybe add garlic powder to it? Garlic powder always seems to neutralize the taste if I overdo other dishes I make.



I wish I knew.


When I do that with beans, I try to drain out some of the water that's already in it and add more.  It makes it more watery, of course, but the taste is not so strong.


Hmmm......................................try adding onion


Sorry I have no idea, I never made bean soup.


I googled it & got add a bit of sugar.


 Hmm- a little more water and a little cumin.


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I cant help, I mbad cooker.........