Who here doesn't speak spanish but would like to?

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I am just wondering if there is anyone else here that doesn't speak spanish but would like to learn to speak it.  My grandma is from Mexico and when my mom and her siblings started school here in Minnesota, the all spoke fluent spanish but the schools told my grandparents not to speak spanish to them anymore as it will confuse them and hinder their understanding of english.  My grandparents wanting their kids to have all the opportunities they could, did what the school said so now my mom, aunts and uncles, no longer speak spanish.  They can understand what my grandma says when she speaks it to them but they all answer back in english.  As a result I don't speak or understand spanish.  When my kids were born I asked my grandma to only speak in spanish to them.  Now my kids know more than me!  LOL!  My goal is to learn how to speak spanish so that I can converse with my grandma.  She does speak english but even after more than 2 decades of living in the United States, she still struggles with her english.

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I speak NO spanish what so ever. If I ever learned it I wouldn't tell my in laws. I know than I would never hear english again.My step daughters speak it and so does my husband. My bio kids are still trying to learn stuff. My in laws speak to them in spanish. My daughter gets it better than my son. I do want them to have better oppertunites by being bilingual.


i can understand a little spanish and i can speak a little spanish, i wish that i was fluent but i made sure that my daugthers will be.. my 7 yr old can speank better spanish then some spanish speaking people.

Me!! I dont speak spanish and I hate it. Ppl assume because im mexican I must speak it. My moms siblings speak both english and spanish fluently and my grandparents only spoke spanish. Me and my sister and mostly all my cousins only speak english. I actually understand alot but am not comfortable actually speaking it.
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I would love to learn Spanish. I would love if our schools where I live made Spanish mandatory starting in kindergarten. There are far more opportunities for jobs if you're bilingual, not to mention it's a huge boon to anyone who doesn't speak English to be able to help them by translating. :)


My parents only spoke spanish when they didn't want us to know what they were talking about.  It upsets me when I think of that because of my job.  I prepare taxes and if I spoke spanish my client base would be much larger than it already is.  I understand a lot more spanish than I can speak. 

I am fluent in Spanish, but there is always something new to learn.
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I can understand it, but I can only speak it a little. I get mixed up when putting the words together and when I can't say it the right way, I get nervous,lol.


Hi, I wish I still had my mother...she spoke correct spanish...Oh I miss her so much.but yes would love to speak spanish..

I need to get better with it! I was looking at what to do if I can't get a job when I graduate and my goal is to work on my PhD since I have 7 years to finish it...but it said that you have to be proficient in a language...I am guess that doesn't mean Spanglish lol


me. both of my DHs parents are from mexico his grandparents speak no english. My moms family all knows spanish, but they didnt teach us. My mom and aunt used it as a way to talk so we wouldnt know what they were saying. i can read and understand alot but i cant speak it. Id like to learn so our children can know it.