Spin off, Celebrities you didn't now were latino

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I found this in this blog http://latinrapper.com/blogs/?p=763


Stacey Dash - Part Mexican
Stacey Dash

Vanna White - Father is from Ponce, Puerto Rico
Vanna White

Kid Cudi - Father is Mexican
Kid Cudi

Tatyana Ali - Mother is Panamanian
Tatyana Ali

Meagan Good - Grandmother was Puerto Rican
Meagan Good

Ted Williams (Red Sox Hall of Famer) - Mother was Mexican
Ted Williams

Reggie Jackson - Puerto Rican Father
Reggie Jackson

David Blaine - Father is Puerto Rican
David Blaine

Helena Bonham Carter - Grandfather was a Spanish Diplomat
Helena Bonham Carter

Miguel Ferrer - Puerto Rican
Miguel Ferrer

Sammy Davis Jr - Cuban Mother
Sammy David Jr

Noomi Rapace - Father is Spanish
Noomi Rapace

Edward Furlong - Mother is Mexican
Edward Furlong

Anderson Cooper - Grandmother is from Chile
Anderson Cooper

Faizon Love - Cuban
Faizon Love

Lynda Carter - Mother is Mexican
Lynda Carter

Maxwell - Father is Puerto Rican

Nicole Richie - Mexican
Nicole Richie

Tristan Wilds (90210) - Half Dominican
Tristan Wilds

Snooki - 100% Chilean

Trina - Father is Dominican
Trina rapper

Kelis - Mother is Puerto Rican

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ML Ingrid

WOW! All you can hear me say over here is "Whaaaaat?" LOL!





Stacey Dash and Trina???? Did not know that!



Learn something new everyday!


wow !!!


Some I knew, others I didnt. Very surprised by some of them.


Wow!!There are alot of them I had no clue!  I knew Snooki wasn't Italian, that's so funny!


only one i knew about was Snooki

Pretty cool! I didn't know about any of these. Except Snookie. Nicole Ritchie, Mexican?
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Lol wow its been a long time since I logged on. Just saw the responses. I was surprised too.
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