¿Cuál es su idea del Sueño Americano? / What is your idea of the American Dream?

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¿Cuál es su idea del Sueño Americano?

What is your idea of the American Dream?

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My belief of the American dream is that with hard work and perseverance you can achieve anything. Do not expect anyone to give you anything. If you want something, you have to work for it.


I don't believe in the concept of "American dream", but I believe in hard work to get whatever you want, Education to be whatever you want to be, team work, values and love to have a happy family.


I think the basis of the America Dream is hard work and perseverance.  My idea is a good job, a home and peace to live however I want.  That simple.


I have my american dream I went back to college, I have a job that i love, I married mi negrito that i love very much and he love me as well too, he has a great job a good status,my family are good, I have all my pets around me I have a big beautiful home that we o are owners,good friends


I am living my dream. Stay at home mom to three kidds, hubby's working and I get to be with my children and take care of my family.


Como Puertorriqueña....mis sueños se han convertido en realidad. Todo se deve a un enorme esfuerzo y muchas ganas de triunfar. Cuando uno se traza metas para lograr algo y lo logras es de mayor satifación verlas realizadas. Aunque por mi edad, no le temo a los retos y pronto tendré mi maestria en educación aqui en Massachusetts. Nunca digo no puedo...siempre me miro cuan maravillosa soy y que soy un regalo del cielo puesto en la vida de quienes fuerón mis padres RIP. Soy super dichosa aunque no tengo fortuna en dinero pero si soy rica con una familia hermosa.

 "Cumplir un sueño depende de mi, no de lo que ofrece el estado"

Sigamos educandonos para un mejor futuro y bienestar!!!!!


 Well it use to be 2 new cars, and a lovely house.

Now, it's being free. Doing as I want and enjoying life. I've heard for alot of Americans it has changed as well. You don't need that house, or the 2.5 kids with a new car every 3yrs. I don't think it's that important to have that "look"

Now I just want to enjoy my life and smile as much as I can. That is the American dream for me, now.