Do you and your significant other have date nights?

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Do you have date nights?

If so how often and what do you do?

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Yes we do. We have a date night twice a month. We alternate choosing what we do. 



I wish.  I would like to do that but financially things are tight and we don't really have any one who can just watch the kids for us while we go out all the time.

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We try and do it at least once a month.


We try to but it's so hard to do it frequently. We have busy work schedules. 


i wish so need a date night

We do it at least once a month if we miss a month than we have two the next month if possible. Having grandma babysit the little ones is hard
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Movie night ( does free movie screenings in Chicago and we take full advantage of it any time we can!). We even turn paying bills/groceries into (sometimes) me & hubby time. Dinner maybe once a month, bowling every now and then. We went ice skating once (I never skated/roller bladed as a kid so this was terrible for me!). Oh and dances (the pueblo where im from does them about every 2/3 months to gather money they donate for ppl in need.
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 We do, but they are never really planned. We try to go out 3 times a mnth, either with friends or together.

We try, its kind of hard to find someone to get a sitter for my boys. My family all live close, but are usually busy with their own lives.

So, in all honesty, we probably get a date night, 4 or 5 times a year. One of those is usually an overnight thing.
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 Yes!  We try to go out once a month.  We usually have dinner and try to do something new each month.