Really pretty rooms: purple bedroom/ Líndisima decoración: tu cuarto en morado

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¿Te animarías a copiarte de alguna de estas fotos para tu propio cuarto? Vota sí o no aquí...


Would you dare do one of these purple looks for your own bedrooom? Vote yes or no here!!

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I like the purple and green.


Creo que el unico look que me dejaria mi esposo recrear, es este.

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I like the second and third one
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ML Ingrid

Yes! I would love to do one just like the one below. 

Quoting ML Andrea:




 I like the first one. My room used to be really girly and purple. THEN, I got married and me and my husband decorated our room together. It's now soft blue and brown.

ML Veronica

El segundo me gusta mucho :)

I would do the 1st or 3rd one but more the first. I love the color purple.
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Me gustan todas, menos la que tiene verde.
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 ami me gusto mas el primero

Me gusts dos el primero y el ultimo muy bonitos
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