Your Hardwood Floors

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How often do you have to clean them? Are they high-maintenance for you? 


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 Right now I still have the Org 1970 white tile and carpet in my house. I plan on ripping it out soon. Either doing hard wood or staining the concrete.

Hard wood floors are high maintenance. I have to dust my floors daily and mop every two days. I don't allow anyone to wear shoes in my home. The nice thing about my floors is that unlike carpet I don't have to worry about stains.
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Ugh I hate cleaning my hardwood floors they are such a pain.
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I clean them 1 a week but sometimes twice
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ML Ingrid

I sweep mine every single day and mop them a few times a week. It is worth it!


We have carpets in the house and I HATE them.  I want to rip them out and replace them with hardwood.  I don't care how much work it is, it would be worth it.


I have tile floors