Why Latinas should stop stressing about the perfectly clean home

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Why Latinas should stop stressing about the perfectly clean home

Posted by Irina Gonzalez on January 25, 2012 at 4:40 PMWhen I get home after a long day of work, the last thing I want to do is clean my house. But, like many of us, my mom taught me not to keep areguero in my house. Unfortunately, I’m not the best at cleaning and organizing so this New Year’s I set a resolution to keep my house looking perfectly clean.

Now it’s almost the end of January and I still haven’t done much to fulfill my goal for 2012. With work, family, and social plans, who can ever find the time? But coming home and seeing my house a mess has started to stress me out. But the idea of having it all (the amazing family, a great job, a super-clean house and the cooking skills of my abuelita) and the worries that it brings may be worse than just dealing with the not-so-perfect reality.

In a New York Times piece that takes a look at why women are still shockingly behind men in leadership positions, author Katrin Bennhold argues that we have to rise above the having it all mentality. And for me, that starts at home.

I spend more time obsessing over how I’m going to recreate my grandmother’s ropa vieja than I actually spend making it. When my mom comes for a visit, I spend the entire week before cleaning and organizing my house to the point that by the time she comes, I’m exhausted. Thestress of the situation drives me crazy and, according to a new study, activates parts of my immune system causing inflammation that may lead to diseases like diabetes and cancer.

So I’m letting go of having the perfect home, for now. Instead, I am focusing on keeping it tidy and neat, most of the time. My strategy?

  1. Tackle one thing at a time, like dusting the living room in one evening instead of obsessing over having to do the entire house at the same time. Set a small goal for one night and don’t feel bad if you only get to half of it.
  2. Do it in 15-minute increments. When I have a little bit of a break between family plans, cooking or running an errand, I can take a little time to put away half the clean laundry, or wipe down the kitchen counters.
  3. Start in the mornings, when I have a bit more free time. If I wake up just a little earlier, I can get at least one task done. But the important thing is to do it regularly enough so that it becomes a part of your routine.

What is the “having it all” thing that you can let go of right now to stop stressing yourself out?

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For me it would be letting go of all the school and community functions I feel the need to attend.

ML Ingrid

Definitely having a clean house and making sure dinner is done at a certain time.


Sometimes I feel like the laszy person ever but somedays I am in a cleaning mood freak and I drive my husband and son crazy. My mom raised me and one of my sister like that super clean house just in case people would visit .. HA HA!! l clean for me and my family not for the people to visit but I caugth my self doind the same as my mom LOL .. is a Hispanic thing? People used to tell me the my house look like from a magazine. 

I watch the show Hoardes is very scary or Clean House .. I can't belive people live like that for me my home reflect who I am and my family so I like to keep things in place and not perfectly clean but nice.. I learn to rest two yrs ago I had two jobs plus the house work I couldn't keep up so I learn to rest .


 i don't stress over it. If I'm tired and I don't feel like doing it, I don't. I also don't get any complaints from my Hubby or kids about it. They have their own chorus So I don't have to do it all any longer. As long as we all have clean clothes for the next day and clean dishes we are all pretty much happy. most important, I"M HAPPY.


I don't try to do everything at once. When I get the urge to clean and put things in their place I go with it.  I used to be alot more laid back but now I try to get everything in it's place. And since the kids are older and help out, that  helps out alot too.


 I would be stressed if my house was NOT clean and tidy. 


I don't stress about having a perfect home. If the home is perfect, it's because no one is allowed to live. That's just my humble opinion. Yes, I make the kids clean up after themselves. We wash dishes and laundry, but we sweep and mop as needed. We clean the bathroom once a week. There are better things to do than micromanage everything


Quoting Poodles:

 I would be stressed if my house was NOT clean and tidy. 

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I do not stress over it.
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I do stress about a clean house when there are other things I should stress about...which I do....lol