Do you wear shoes in the house?

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Do you allow shoes to be worn in the house?

If not, what do you wear? Socks? Slippers? Barefoot?

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We have tiles throughout our home so it's ok to walk in shoes, socks , slippers or barefoot. Before when we rented a place that had carpeting in certain rooms no shoes were aloud just socks or barefoot.
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We do not wear shoes in our home. We wear socks or slippers only.


No, it takes a lot of time to clean the floor.. So I asked my family no to wear shoes.. Most of the time we wear socks, my husband prefer slippers , and my youngest girl barefoot =D


 We do it all.. Just depends on if it's hot or cold.


Yes I do because, my floors are FREEZING!

We wear socks or slippers around the house, but it's not a must to take shoes off at the door.
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ML Michelle

We do not wear shoes in my home. Shoes come off at the front door. It helps that most of our family and friends follow the same policy in their homes.


Since i was a kid i hated shoes, and loved socks! I dont make others take their shoes off since I don't have much space for them, when I own my house and have more space, shoes will be off!
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 I take my shoes off most of the time at home.  My kids do it also.  DH wears shoes most of the time.  It's not a rule, though.


We use slippers or socks around the house. In the summer I just go barefoot. I'm not comfortable wearing shoes in the house.