Música y Arte ~ Music and Art

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¿En la escuela de sus hijos, todavía tienen clases de música y arte?

Do your children's school still have music and art classes?

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 YES! I hope they stay. I haven't heard anything about them being taken out. They also still have PE.


Yes they do, thank goodness! We are lucky though; I have spoken to moms whose children are in local puclic schools in my neighborhood (Queens, NY) who do not have either and they double up on PE.  


We are lucky as well. Our school district still has music and art classes (programs) in our public schools.


My youngest has music on one day and art on another day.


When she was in public school they did but like it wasn't very good. In music they just sat a listened to whatever music was trendy. Like they weren't learning history or the same concepts I grew up with like high notes, low notes, sharps, flats...stuff like that. In art they learned nothing more than how to color and glue things on paper. As someone with a degree in Art I was a little sad :-(...I was taking her to classes with me and having her work on that stuff...