Outside school activities? During school avtivities?

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 So your kid(s) have any sort of activities besides going to school? School Clubs? out of school?

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 Aloria (12) is the school Prez she does alot of after school activities. Out side of school she has piano classes and I'm hoping soon to sign her up for theater classes.

Josiah (8) Goes to the boxing gym almost every night during the school wk. Also on wkends he goes to Skateboard school. During school he has a reading class he attends as well.

they both have at school a club called "The good news program" it's bible based club.


He plays little league football in the fall and does martial arts the rest of the year.

My son will be starting to play soccer and my dd will be doing cheer leading.
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Not anymore.

My oldest was in TKD, and my youngest was in gymnastics.