Do you keep your childs artwork?

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What types of work or achievements that your children bring home from school, do you keep?

Do you showcase any of it?

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I have kept some of their art projects. I also keep any awards that they get and keep them in a school scrapbook.


 A grades and art work always goes on the fridge.


 OOPS. Also I have a folder for each child with all their grades awards ect over the years.

Yes I keep all of their artwork
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I keep special projects that have been made by them.  Their art projects are so many that I can't keep them all so I actually scan some of them and save them as files, lol


My husband calls me a horder because I save all of Eliza's work that she bring home..and we put her art work up on the wall all the time..I cant help it..I am just so proud of her all the time..


I keep tons of their art work, all their report cards, any awards they bring home. I put stuff on the fridge or take pics for facebook/cafemom of them holding any awards.

I am getting some of their artwork framed. All report cards and awards are kept. My older children have given me their college degrees and they are some of my most prized possessions. I am so proud of their achievements.
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I do!!! I have several drawers full of my kid's art.


My son is not in school yet but I plan to hang on to the really nice ones.