My daughter has become American when it comes to time

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My daughter has become American when it comes to time

Posted by Sofia Aguilar on January 23, 2012 at 1:14 PM

Every time we’re late for school in the morning, I actually get scared. Mostly because my daughter’s 1st grade teacher hates tardiness, and as nice and sweet as he is, this is the one thing that definitely gets rid of the smile on his face.


Juliana, my daughter, has become graduallyobsessed with getting to school on time and she blames me every time we don’t. She let's me hear it loud and clear while we’re bothrunning/flying down the three blocks it takes to get there, in order to make it on time--right before the door gets slammed in our faces.

She has every right to blame me but this is not something I tell her...

I already have to live with too many motherhood mistakes that she doesn’t even recognize yet--but she will one day, because life its unfair and miserable for mothers.


I set the alarm every night for 7:00 a.m and when it goes off I really want to kill myself. I can’t move, I keep cursing and burying my face in the warm pillow knowing that Juliana expects me to wake her up and it's not until 7:17 that I tell her:

"Juliana, ya son las 7…"

She stands up, fresh as a lettuce, looks at the clock and turns to me, already upset:

"It’s 7:17 Mom and I wanted to wake up at 7:00, you never keep your promise"

(Damn promises)

Last year it was even worse, but now that I am self-employed I save some time getting dressed. Since I now decide my work hours and can be seen wearing converse shoes all week long.

But back on the subject of time, this is how I feel:

"What the hell did I do in my past life to deserve having the time police living at my home?"

When I was her age I couldn’t care less if we were late, in fact I would’ve been totally supportive if my mother couldn’t make it out of bed. But no, leave it to life to change the cards around and teach you one too many lessons.

Has motherhood made you late everywhere?

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Haha! I have a son like that.  He drives me crazy, always checking his watch.  I'm always late no matter how hard I try.  I have to start getting ready at least 3 hours before I need to be somewhere if I want to get there on time.  It's not easy with 3 kids and 1 husband lol!


Honey, I'm naturally late. LOL!


No, I have always been a procrastinator.

My kids actualy made me get places on time. I learned to set my alarm earlier in order to get places on time.


Oh I hate to be late for anything. I must be on time always. My two younger kids are pretty punctual as well, always very conscious of the time. My oldest, well he was born four days late, so I guess lateness comes naturally to him.


 oh god. My kids hate to run late for school too! They don't want to good muffins to be gone by the time they get to school for Breakfast! most of the time it's them I'm waiting on, then they get all pissy with me when we are a few mins behind.


can smeone explain the title? what does "american" have to do with time & why is that being protrayed as a bad thing? yes, this is a real & sincere question.


 try getting her her own alarm clock so she can wake up at 7 and start getting ready. I know how you feel im not a morning person either