Silly question~ How do you KNOW you child is ready for school?

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My son is smart, but I am not sure he is ready for school (Kinder) this year. I can't pinpoint WHY. :/  His birthday is May 25th. His 3 year old sister seems more ready and again, I can't seem to put my finger on it. 

So how do you know??

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 I'm not sure how I knew.. I just knew it was that time. Once you have him in Kinder the teacher could pin point what maybe the item he's lacking or can use a little work. They will help him with that. You'll be surprise just how much he will grow his first wk of kinder, that's for sure. :)


It's weird. I KNOW if his sister were to go, she is ready. Not that I would at 3 (4, April 7th). I just am not sure why the two seem so different yk? 

It isn't that he isn't smart or mature... I just can not pinpoint it :x

ML Michelle

I think as moms, we all ask ourself this question.Sometimes we 'just know'.