What is one thing you'd change about your life?

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What is one thing you'd change about your life?

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I would make more time to spend time with extended family and friends. It really should be about the little things in life.



​be more guarded

I would have had my children later in life. I had my first child during high school and I now see that I could have offered her so much more if I had been mature, educated and financially secure.
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 Not being married being still a child


I wish I had my extended family near me.  They all live in Chile


I would have my mother with me as I grew up to be a mother myself (she died when I was very young) I would have gotten my college degree sooner in life and try to be more successful, other than that I am happy with my life because the life I was given and the mistakes and choices I have made until now have made me the person I am.