What do your children do for a living?

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What do your children do for a living?

Did you approve of their career choices?


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My daughter is 16 so she's not there yet.  I try to stir her in the right direction (she is amazing at Math) so I tell her she should leverage her strengths but she needs to be happy since work takes up so much of our lives.


My son is a pyschology major in school. 


My daughters are 22 and 20 - yes I approved their choices, they need to choose a career that they are going to love otherwise they are going to be very unhappy for the rest of their lifes.  One wants to be a Teacher - she is very family oriented and she chose Teaching because when she has children of her own she wants to be able to stay home when they are off from school.  The other chose Film, she loves to film, produce and edit.  They are both in careers that they enjoy.


Curently my 19 year daughter is going to college for a civil engineer degree..I don't know if i should let her get a full time job.. she want to but i ean tto school to come first. What do you think?

ML Michelle

My oldest son goes to university and works part time as wait staff.

My middle son is a senior in high school but because of sports commitments, he doesnt work.


My son (25) is a machine operator and he makes ties for the railroad.

My daughter (23) she is a tax preparer

Daughter (20) she works for a medical insurance company, but is a full-time student in college studying Criminal Forensics'

Daughter (15) is in high school.. a GREAT basketball player and at this time is undecided on what studies she wants to pusue in the future

ML Cathy

My oldest (20) works as a Tub Runner (drives the little golf carts with luggage) in the airport.

My 17 yr old is a junior in HS & also doesn't work due to his commitment to HS sports.