What do you think of a "straights-only" prom?

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'Straights-only' prom plans rejected by school AND church! 

What do close minded parents do when they find out that their kids' prom isn't a "gay free" zone? Parents at an Indiana high school banded together to organize a "straights-only" prom in hopes that their community would rally behind them. Instead, students, the principal of Sullivan High School and even the pastor of the local church are saying that they absolutely do NOT support their efforts.

During an original organizing meeting at a church, Principal David Springer was asked to clarify whether same-sex couples would be allowed to attend the prom and he replied that "anybody can go to the prom", including "a girl could go with another girl if they didn't have a date or that was their choice." 

Apparently one of the parents attending the meeting, Diana Medley, felt that allowing gay and lesbian students to attend the prom was "offensive to us",according to NBC U.S. News, and decided to urge the school to organize a gay-free prom, but neither principal nor the minister are on her side.

In fact, Dale Wise, senior minister at Sullivan First Christian Church, said: 

Our church has no involvement in this whatsoever. Christ came to save the people, not to condemn them. Love them as a person. You don't have to love what they do, because the gays may not love all the mistakes you make.

I'm really encouraged to see this community come together against these crazy parents who want to keep some of the students out of the prom. In fact, even a student who said that it is important to remember that "the Bible says for a man to love another woman" said that gay and lesbian classmates should be welcome at the official prom. It sounds like everyone, except for the a-hole parents, just want to get along and I applaud them for that.

What do you think about this community rallying behind a more inclusive prom?

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Take that! / Chancletazo


ML Ingrid

I have had friends who went with another friend of the same sex to save money on a couples ticket! LOL, so that means they would be excluded. That is ridiculous!


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Take that! / Chancletazo




Yeah, this about sums up how I would feel also.

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Take that! / Chancletazo


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