chorinic pain

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I have peripheral newropathy or they say carpal tunnel syndrome.the dr say I might have fibromyalgia too.My pain is all over my body,my legs hurt so much I cry at night.and my hands too.also my  shoulders,back pain too.Does anyone  have any of these problems too.

thanks momm5my

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ML Ingrid

I do not. I am sorry you are having these pains. Are you doing physical therapy? 


I am sorry you are dealing with this =(

I hope and pray they find a cure/treatment that works for you.



I do not have these health issues but I hope that you can find a treatment to help you with your pain.

Have you research on the internet therapies or treatments to ease your pain?


What treatments are available?

No medical treatments now exist that can cure inherited peripheral neuropathy. However, there are therapies for many other forms. Any underlying condition is treated first, followed by symptomatic treatment. Peripheral nerves have the ability to regenerate, as long as the nerve cell itself has not been killed. Symptoms often can be controlled, and eliminating the causes of specific forms of neuropathy often can prevent new damage.

In general, adopting healthy habits-such as maintaining optimal weight, avoiding exposure to toxins, following a physician-supervised exercise program, eating a balanced diet, correcting vitamin deficiencies, and limiting or avoiding alcohol consumption-can reduce the physical and emotional effects of peripheral neuropathy. Active and passive forms of exercise can reduce cramps, improve muscle strength, and prevent muscle wasting in paralyzed limbs. Various dietary strategies can improve gastrointestinal symptoms. Timely treatment of injury can help prevent permanent damage. Quitting smoking is particularly important because smoking constricts the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the peripheral nerves and can worsen neuropathic symptoms. Self-care skills such as meticulous foot care and careful wound treatment in people with diabetes and others who have an impaired ability to feel pain can alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. Such changes often create conditions that encourage nerve regeneration.

Systemic diseases frequently require more complex treatments. Strict control of blood glucose levels has been shown to reduce neuropathic symptoms and help people with diabetic neuropathy avoid further nerve damage. Inflammatory and autoimmune conditions leading to neuropathy can be controlled in several ways. Immunosuppressive drugs such as prednisone, cyclosporine, or azathioprine may be beneficial. Plasmapheresis-a procedure in which blood is removed, cleansed of immune system cells and antibodies, and then returned to the body-can limit inflammation or suppress immune system activity. High doses of immunoglobulins, proteins that function as antibodies, also can suppress abnormal immune system activity.

Neuropathic pain is often difficult to control. Mild pain may sometimes be alleviated by analgesics sold over the counter. Several classes of drugs have recently proved helpful to many patients suffering from more severe forms of chronic neuropathic pain. These include mexiletine, a drug developed to correct irregular heart rhythms (sometimes associated with severe side effects); several antiepileptic drugs, including gabapentin, phenytoin, and carbamazepine; and some classes of antidepressants, including tricyclics such as amitriptyline. Injections of local anesthetics such as lidocaine or topical patches containing lidocaine may relieve more intractable pain. In the most severe cases, doctors can surgically destroy nerves; however, the results are often temporary and the procedure can lead to complications.

Mechanical aids can help reduce pain and lessen the impact of physical disability. Hand or foot braces can compensate for muscle weakness or alleviate nerve compression. Orthopedic shoes can improve gait disturbances and help prevent foot injuries in people with a loss of pain sensation. If breathing becomes severely impaired, mechanical ventilation can provide essential life support.

Surgical intervention often can provide immediate relief from mononeuropathies caused by compression or entrapment injuries. Repair of a slipped disk can reduce pressure on nerves where they emerge from the spinal cord; the removal of benign or malignant tumors can also alleviate damaging pressure on nerves. Nerve entrapment often can be corrected by the surgical release of ligaments or tendons


I'm sorry :(  I have carpal tunnel in my hand which I get occasionally. I have it right now actually. Have you tried hot compresses?   I have heard that yoga helps with fibromyalgia.  I also found this:


Various Fibromyalgia Home Remedies


  • Ginger juice (2 teaspoons) had twice daily or the intake of raw ginger with meals is an effective fibromyalgia natural remedy.
  • Turmeric has antiseptic and other medicinal properties. Due to these reasons, turmeric powder mixed in water or milk gives a soothing effect to the muscles and hence it is a good fibromyalgia remedy.
  • Garlic cloves can be added in daily meals. Make sure that you eat two teaspoons of garlic everyday if you are suffering from fibromyalgia.
  • Lemon juice and honey in equal amounts, mixed in a glass of lukewarm or warm water, when consumed daily in the morning is an advantageous fibromyalgia natural remedy.
  • Another fibromyalgia remedies, is oatmeal (about 5 spoons) boiled and cooked in milk. Healthy fruits like cherry with jaggery can be added to this dish. The patient can consume this food at least thrice daily.
  • Massage with olive and kerosene oil in equal amounts on the affected fibromyalgia regions of the body. This is one of the important fibromyalgia natural remedies.
  • Daily consumption of the vegetables like beet, cabbage, carrot and brinjal is beneficial in dealing with fibromyalgia. These serve as fibromyalgia remedies and juices of these raw vegetables should also be drunk daily at least twice.
  • Applying warm vinegar or paste made from Spiegel seeds on the painful muscles is another fibromyalgia home remedy.
  • Juice made from pigweed leaves every morning and consumed on an empty stomach is known as one to the best fibromyalgia herbal remedies.
  • Eating raw papaya or papaya seeds boiled in water is also useful for curing fibromyalgia.
  • In addition, drinking fresh orange, radish or cranberry juice or eating these fruits will alleviate the muscular pain seen in fibromyalgia patients. These fruits are the easiest fibromyalgia home remedies.




Has your physician tested you for any forms of arthritis?  I was in that type of pain and diagnosed with fibermyalgia but it turned out that all my pain was stemming from Rheumatoid Arthritis


thanks for the advice.i do have every problem that was listed and now i have fibromayliga.The doctor gave me some lyrica,it has helped alot.