strech marks/estrias

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Being a mothers blog/forum, there's bound to be some of us w/strech marks, what has been your solution?

Siendo foros de mamas, tiene que haber alguien que tenga estrias, que ah sido su solucion?

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Yes I do have some, my sons about to turn 1 and I can't get rid of them, they turned about 1-2 shades lighter but are very visible! I don't expedt them to fully go away but perhaprs lighten them a lot more.

Yo si tengo, y mi hijo ya a va a cumplir 1ano y todavia no se me quitan, estan un poquitito mas claras pero todavia oscuras. No creo que se vayan a desaparecers, pero talves blancear mucho mas.
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ML Cathy

I will say this with caution ... I was one of the lucky ones that got through 4 kids without a stretch mark.  *Don't hate me, lol

I am however interested, as I have some family members that have had very significant weight lost  recently & I'd love to pass on the tips that seem to have worked.

I don't hate you! Lol I was terrified, I went a whole nine months w/out any! It was at week 40 that they started appearing :(. Lucky number 4! My mom had 4 daughters and no stretch marks!
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I have 3 kids and only my 1st one gave me the only stretch marks but I was a teen mom who went from about 100lbs to 160lbs. He stretched me up but luckily I went back down to 100lbs within a month of having him. My other two isn't give me any new stretch marks at all since I only gained a few pounds. I wa mostly sick with my daughter and lost more weight than gained which having her helped my body tremendously :)
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I went from 112 to 146 and now im at 125, so you're very lucky! But what did you use on the stretch marks?
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 I have heard that Mederma and Bio-oil work well. I think  they are both easy to find; Target, Walgreens...

Thanks, Ill need to make a trip to the store this week.
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bueno yo  conosco algun disque rmedio  para ayudarnos con las estrias   solo hay que usar  la pulpa del aloe vera  en la parte con estrias esperar por unos minutos a que se seque   y asi seguir usandolo por unos cuantos dias si vez que te funciona pues sigue usandolo... espero y te funcione muy bien


This is a homemade recipe : Mix 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup of aloe Vera gel, liquid from 6 capsules of vitamin E, liquid from 4 capsules of vitamin A. Mix all the ingredients together in a blender. Pour the mixture into a jar & store it in the fridge. Apply the oil all over the places where the stretch marks commonly appear, you have to do this every day. Good Luck!!

I'm a   to the most wonderful children: Sophia  and Adrian  & 


thanks for the tips girls !


Cuando estaba embarazada me salieron hasta el 7 month and after reading tons of articles on it descubri que no hay un remedio como tal, resulta que es hereditario, si tu madre no tubo estrias, TALVEZ tu no tengas y si te salen, lo unico que puedes hacer es comprar una crema que te alivie la comezon (cualquier crema a base de aloe vera funciona de maravilla) y asi evitas que se te pongan rojas.

Despues de tener a tu baby tienes dos opciones: 1.-Puedes ponerte cremas que SI te pueden ayudar con las estrias, AUNQUE ESTAS NUNCA DESAPARECEN POR COMPLETO, sin embargo deves consultar con tu doctor ya que muchos de estos quimicos pueden afectar a tu bebe (if you are breastfeeding) 2.- Puedes usar una terapia de lazer, pero ojo ESTA SOLO FUNCIONA SI LAS ESTRIAS SON RECIENTES OSEA SI TODAVIA ESTAN "ROJAS" para este tratamiento tienes que dejar breasfeeding por completo.

La verdad es que muchas de nosotras nos acomplejamos por muchas cosas despues de tener al baby ya que "nada queda en su lugar" sin embargo con una alimentacion sana y ejercicio podemos hacer una gran diferencia en nuestros cuerpos, yo la verdad quede mejor despues de mi embarazo lolz