~~~>Simple And Easy Hairstyles.. ~~>Peinados Simples #2... 2/24/12

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Simple And Easy Hairstyles To Achieve

Como Hacer Peinados Simples..  ...........


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I like it! I wonder about the humidity and all that hair exposed!! hehe


 I use to do that when I was a preteen.


Muchas gracias trendymom77 por compartir estos peinados! Me gusta usar el pelo recogido y siempre estoy buscando ideas que faciles de hacer pero se vean lindos.


 si asi les hacia el pelo a mis hijas cuando estaban pequenas y ahora se lo hago a mi nieta es  very easy indeed, y bonito, Gracias

This is cute, not something I would wear though.
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 I think this is pretty easy =D I like it! but i'd wear it without the bow.


That looks so pretty!!!! I should see how it looks on my hair.