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Do you have the same hair stylist? How long? Do you ever use different stylists?

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I have had the same stylist for about 6 years and I trust her fully with my hair. I have never gotten a bad haircut with her and appreciate her services. We have become close friends as well.


I try to stick to the same stylist if at all possible. I love him and he knows my hair. Makes things much easier. But every once in a while don´t have a problem trying someone new if he/she has been highly recommended. It´s a good way to keep looking for convenience (in terms of schedules and location).


I have had the same one for a few years now. When I find someone I like, I stay with them.


My hair is really short, to about the bottom of my ear. I have a ton of bang. I always do something different with it. For some reason I find it easier to work with my hair short then long. I haven't had long hair in years!


I am my own hairstylist unless I want it cut.


I have a hair stylist I used since i was in High School (cut and color) and I love her but since we've moved farther away i hardly go to her I sometimes use a stylist at a near by place if I dont feel like doing it my self. (Ex-Cosmo student)

I don't cut my hair very often but I use the Same stylist. I am loyal like that. My previous stylist made me mad when her 2 friends came in to her booth and started talking to her non stop and she wasnt paying attention and burned me with a flat iron.
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haven't found one I like