what is the best way ...../ cual es la mejor manera.....

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What is the best way to cover up a nasty cold sore??

I know the best way would be not put any makeup on it but, what if it was because you had to go to work!

Cual es la mejor manera de cubrir un fuego espantoso en la boca?

Se que la mejor opción sería no ponerse nada de maquillaje pero que si es porque tenemos que ir a trabajar!
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 I have never had a cold sore...so I wouldn't know.

I'm sorry you got one.  :/

Im pretty sure Abreva makes little strips to cover it. My nephew uses them and you can barely tell its there.
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ML Ingrid

Here's a BUMP for you. :) I've never had a cold sore. 


hope someone can help out, I would guess a concealer though