Do you replace your mascara every 3 months like experts say to do?

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I don't wear mascara very often so sometimes I don't finish the tube in 3 months.  But thisi time I did throw out my old one and got a brand new one because I've read so much expeert advice to replace it every 3 months.  Do you keep or toss?

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 Well........I hate to admit it, but no, I don't change it out that often.  I don't wear mascara every day, sometimes only on Sunday for church, so I'd only be using the tube 12 times before tossing---just not economical to do that.  BUT, if I ever smell it turn or go off, I will of course toss it out. 

Yes, I usually run out of it before that. I wear mascara almost every day.
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ML Ingrid

I do because I normally use them up by the 3 month mark. If it's like 4 or 5 months, I might keep it but it doesn't happen often.