Do you think you'd wear these cellulite-fighting, moisturizing jeans?

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Strange but genius new jeans promise to fight cellulite AND keep you moisturized

Ladies, if you're looking for something to help fight off pesky cellulite while keeping your skin hydrated, listen up! There might now be a solution! Wrangler recently launched a new line of skinny jeans called the Denim Spa Therapy for Legs. These peculiar denims are infused with moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and olive oil extract to help hydrate your skin, and algae extracts, retinol, and caffeine to help zap cellulite. Weird or brilliant?

Listen, I'm all about taking care of my skin and keeping it hydrated, but this might be a tad bit much. These jeans come in three different skinny leg styles with three different finishes that include Aloe Vera to soothe sensitive skin, Olive Oil Extractto deeply moisturize skin, and Smooth Legs, which features slimming ingredients that are supposed to help fight off cellulite and improve the appearance of your thighs. The styles were clinically tested by the Institut Adriant in France and the company claims that after 4 weeks of wearing these jeans for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 69 percent of women saw an improvement in the appearance of their thighs. Even so, I'm still not sure I actually believe these jeans actually work. It sounds way too good to be true, no?

I have to admit I'm little skeptical about the idea of these moisturizing, cellulite busting magic jeans. I mean, if I'm going to try to fight off the pesky cellulite and dry skin, I'm going to do it working out and slapping on some good ol' cellulite cream and hydrating lotions.

Oh, and did I mention how expensive they are? They cost £85, which is about $135. I don't normally like spending more than $70 for a pair of jeans, so these might be a little out of my price range.

At the end of the day, though, I have to keep in mind these jeans don't actually remove cellulite, they simply improve the appearance of it, just like any other cellulite-fighting potion in the market. As weird as they are, maybe I'll give them a chance... With exercise and diet, an extra way to banish cellulite (now wearable!) can't hurt, right?

Do you think you'd wear these cellulite-fighting, moisturizing jeans?

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Hmmm, this is definetly an intresting idea, and if it works thats even better.

Im not sure if I would want to pay that much though.
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No way I don't believe they work.
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 Too late for me.  lol

I don't really wear jeans much.