What natural ingredients do you use in your beauty routine?

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DIY: 10 Surprising beauty & health benefits of coconut oil you probably didn't know

Chicas, if coconut oil still isn't part of your beauty routine, you might want to finally get started … like now! This Latin miracle ingredient has a ton of beauty and health benefits you'd never imagine. I'll admit, I thought I knew everything there is to know about coconut oil like how it hydrates skin, makes hair shiny, and is great to include in your diet. But I recently discovered a whole lot of shockingly new benefits that come straight from this unique all-natural product. Find out a few more reasons why you absolutely need to use coconout oil for all your daily beauty and health concerns!

1. It helps breastfeeding discomfort: I never would have guessed that this oil helps with breastfeeding discomfort. But apparently it does! Simply massage some onto your nipples after breastfeeding, to calm and treat any irritation.

2. It heals diaper rash: Believe it or not, coconut makes for the perfect diaper rash ointment. Many mothers claim they'd used coconut oil when no other creams or treatments worked. And bonus: It will leave a delicious scent on your little one's tush too!

3. It makes a great aftershave: Because of its deeply hydrating and absorbing effects, coconut oil can be used as an aftershave. Men can apply it on their face and ladies can use it to smooth their legs, under arms, or bikini area. You can use it as a shaving cream as well.

4. It helps prevent stretch marks: Rub some on your pregnant belly to help prevent stretch marks or any discoloration after pregnancy. It also helps reduce the appearance of already visible stretch marks.

5. It removes makeup: Who would have known coconut oil can help remove makeup? It works so well it even removes waterproof mascara. And of course, it leaves your skin super smooth and nourished!

6. It helps with baby boys' circumcision healing: Coconut oil is packed with antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that work to heal any kind of wound or irritation. Although I'm personally against circumcision, coconut oil is a really great healer for it, if you do decide to circumcise your baby.

7. It helps treat lice: If one of your kiddies has recently been infected with head lice, you might want to consider treating it with coconut oil. Coconut oil can help kill off head lice, which is why you can find it in a number of lice shampoos. Just make sure to combine it with some anise seed which helps target the eggs. Combine the two ingredients and massage it on the scalp before combing out eggs.

8. It can correct dark spots: The fatty acids, antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties found in coconut oil can help improve many skin problems, including hyperpigmentation or age spots. It helps to regenerate the skin which causes scars, age spots and even uneven pigmentation to fade.

9. It's great for your gums: Adding a little coconut oil to your toothpaste or mixing it with baking soda can help prevent gum diseases like gingivitis. Even simply rubbing the oil directly to your gums can help promote a mouth full of healthy gums.

10. It helps treat nail fungus: The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal features found in coconut oil can help fight nail fungus. Just rub some of the oil into the nail every morning and every night. Incoporating lots of coconut into your diet can help fight off future infections.

What natural ingredients do you use in your beauty routine?

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 I tried the coconut oil, but actually found it drying.  I gave it to my daughter to mix with baking soda for an acne scrub.  It seems to be working for her.

I DO, however like an olive oil facial.  That's the extent of "food on the face" for me.  ;)