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My name is Jess...In my topic i wanna know wat yall think about tattoo makeup.
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It's not for me.

I prefer natural.

My mother n law has her makeup tattood n i liked it but it looks to painful.
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It is a great solution for some women....
Really a good option!
I want it cuz my partner tells me that i take to long to put makeup on. I tell her that it has to b perfect. Lol! She hates waiting.
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My now exstep mother did here eyeliner. It looked really good. My stylist does her eyebrows. Looks natural. Myslef no I wouldn't do it
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the only thing i would get done is my eyebrows it just takes me long to get them the perfect shape i want i hate having to shade them in if i had them tattooed it would make it so much easier for me my comadre has hers done and they look really nice on her


One of my best friends has a the eqivilant of a fine line of eyeliner and a slightly hued lip. It looks very natural and you cannot tell it is permanent unless you are inches from her face. It gives her a very natural but slightly enhanced look.


I think it looks good if it's not too dark or obvious.  I wouldn't do it just because I'm a chicken for tattoos lol

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I think it is a great option for many women. I have not done this procedure.


 Agree. I have many tattoos, but none are makeup. :)

Quoting ML Ingrid:

I think it is a great option for many women. I have not done this procedure.