*--Quiz: How Healthy Is Your Hair?--*

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Diagnosis: Healthy Locks

You and your hair work well together. Whether you have been maintaining the same style for some time or enjoy updating your hair with seasonal trends, you are on target with your cutting schedule. Your color plan is fine-you know to get your roots touched up every four to six weeks, or when your highlights need attention.

"Add a few easy elements to your regime," suggests Joelle, senior stylist at Avon Salon and Spa. Try altering your shade with a gloss or glaze, which will change the tone of your single-process treatment or highlights. To determine your styling products du jour, consider the weather forecast, the condition of your hair before you shampoo it and your plans for the day and evening. Try defrizzing serum on humid or rainy days or a leave-in conditioner when your hair seems thirsty, and take along a root lifter for office-to-evening plans. Blow your hair just until dry, typically 5 to 10 minutes for short hair, 10 to 20 for medium, and 15 to 40 for long hair.

Keep your brush working for you by cleaning it weekly. Shampoo every other week in a sink of lukewarm water, rinse with cool water, shake out, and dry. Keep using protective hair products in the sun, and reapply after swimming. Also, wet hair with clean water before you jump in the pool or ocean to reduce the amount of chlorinated or salt water that your hair absorbs.