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Have you ever tried eyebrow threading?




Threading is an ancient method of hair removal. It is popular in Indian and Persian culture where it is called Bande Abru ("Abru" means eyebrow, and "Band" is the thread). Threading the entire face is widely spread amongst Iranians, but it was originally practiced when a woman was getting married or during special occasions. In ancient Persia, threading was a sign that a girl had reached adulthood and become a woman. It has also gained popularity in Western countries.

Practitioners use a pure, thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over untidy hairlines, moustaches and so on, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing where a single hair is pulled out each time, threading can remove an entire row of hair, resulting in a straighter line. However, due to a larger area of hair being removed at once, it can be quite painful for some.


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I prefer this to waxing now.

Yes i have....it hurt like hell lol but it looked nice
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I've never doin it because i dont have that much eyebrows to start with lol but my mom , sister and brother does and well the only that complains is my sister that it hurts lol but they do come out very nice.... 

I luv it! It gives a prettier shape n to me its soothing. I dnt think it hurts.
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years back i use to get them done not anymore


I would love to try it.  I just got my eyebrows waxed not too long ago and I had some ugly bumps so maybe this is a better option.

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I prefer this to waxing now.


 no, but I would like to try.


 I get them threaded every 2- 3 weeks. It really lasts with a little maintenance.


Yep… i love it... I prefer it over waxing... Waxing hurts and the hairs grow faster and thicker.. Threading doesnt do that so i prefer threading...