Do you dare?

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Do you dare leave your home without any type of makeup on? If so, why? If not, why not?

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ML Ingrid

I have made my attempts to do without but I don't like it. I love my makeup. :)

I wouldn't leave my house without makeup when I'm heading to work. I like to look my best. Any other time I will, I have but I normally wont.
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I'm trying to get used to wearing makeup when I go out.  I'm at home all day so I want to look nice when I go out.  Normally I just go out however I look.  As long as I don't look like a nut I'm good lol!




I haven't worn makeup in a long time.


NO =S 

I feel naked and ugly with out makeup, LOL.



I have to at the very least  have on mascara and lip gloss and to me that is almost

PrincesaSweets ladies are funny. I bet you all look great without the makeup.


I do everyday LOL 


yeah i'll leave the house without makeup, no big deal.  But i do wear a little makeup when i go to work or out on errands.  I'll do the full face when I go out on the town.  I don't have bad skin so I don't really feel like i need a lot of makeup and i've always been like that.  I think that has helped keep my skin looking younger.....and i've been moisturizing since i was in my early 20's....and I stay out of the sun.....AND....LOL  kidding.


I don't mind not having makeup on...However, a little mascara makes a huge difference!