~~Choosing The Right Shade Of Red Lipstick~~

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  Scared of Red?  Anyone can pull off a gorgeous red lip. It's just about picking the right shade for your skin tone

Light Skin: Cool reds will enhance your rosy complexion. Usually a red with more of a pink tone to it will co  Dark mpliment a lighter complexion.  

 Medium Skin: Go for an orangey shade. This will reflect the yellow undertones in your skin.

Dark Skin: Pick a red with a touch of brown to highlight the warm hints of caramel in your skin.                                       

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I like 5 7 and 9 for myself
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I love how red looks on a friend of mines but I don't think I would wear it..... 


 I use a pinkier red, with a blue undertone rather than an orange undertone. 


I will only wear a coral /orangy red. I don't like how other shades look on me. 


I think red lipstick is very pretty and sexy but I rarely wear it because I know I would get it on everything.  I've worn a coral for parties or nights out and love it

I love red lipstick.
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