Are you prepared to file your taxes?

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Are you ready to file your 2011 income taxes?

Do you have all your 1099s, W-2s, 1098s or any of  those other  taxpayer forms?

Do you have all of your tax deductable and charitable receipts?

Do you file your own taxes or take them to an accountant?

Here is a link  to help you with the new rules and what you need to know for this year.

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I just received my 1099. I'll probably go to H&R Block sometime in February. There are too many tax laws for me to attempt to do them myself.

Pretty much yeah
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Went to h and r block this morning and got it done. Are return wasn't as big as I had hoped but I shouldn't complain.
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We already file and received the money. 


 Did it online with Turbo Tax.  It saved us so much time!