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 Of course I'll be the one to ask this... lol

Who has tattoos? How many? Planning on getting any more?

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No and No :)


dont have any but i do want one

Two, no in the near future but id Like to get more
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I don't have any and I am not planning on getting any.


I do not have any tattoos! You never know.......



I don't have any.


Dont have any… i like them… hubby doesnt like women w/ tattoos… so i guess not... 


 I have 9, just got one last wk but it was a cover up. I do plan on getting more. I have a few more ideas. I just have to wait my turn. It's my DH's turn right now and I told him he can get 2 before I get my next.

I have 2. I would like more and also add more to my back piece. Since I'm undecided on what to get next I haven't gotten one.
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I have two right now - two little butterflies on my inner left wrist and a Shakespeare quote on my foot ("and though she be but little, she is fierce").  I would like to get a few more eventually.