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Have you ever taken a Zumba class?

If so, did you lose any weight?

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I really need to... I got super chunky over the last few months.

I love Zumba. I usually go two times a week but can't right now due to a knee injury ;( it's helping me tone my fat lol
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Yes I've been going its so much fun. Of course it helps burn calories so if you watch what you eat you will loose weight. After Zumba class I do free weights to tone up all my body.
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 no I haven't.. I did have the demo on my Xbox Kinect, that kicked my butt!


 No, but I do the dvds at home and it's a great workout.


I have taken Zumba and lost weight.  Mainly, I did youtube videos at home, and most of them had very fast paced steps. I love it!


i dont go to the classes i just do it on the kinect


i have it for the wii and i love it! lately though i have gotten kinda lazy about it but i did see a difference when i started it!