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We hear a lot about protecting our passwords. I admit, I preach a better game than I practice, when it comes to passwords. I had a Yahoo breach this year, my Zappos account was compromised, and I reset my apple id 3 times in the past 6 weeks, because I keep forgetting what I change it too. The article Get Organized: Clean Up Your Passwords helped me see my first big mistake-I'm trying to tackle too much at once, and I'm changing passwords on the fly.

The author, Jill Duffy, suggests first setting aside about 15-30 minutes. Now, choose five to ten of the most important sites you want protected and write them down. She recommends e-mail accounts and bank accounts, she prioritizes e-mail accounts first, because usually when we have to reset a password or user id for any site online, they send us the information through our e-mail. So if someone gets into our e-mail, they likely can get into our bank accounts-this I never thought of.

Next, come up with a password plan, or recipe as Ms. Duffy calls it. I love this idea, it's simple and makes a lot of sense to you. For example, she starts her passwords with the first two letters of each of her sisters names, she has three sisters Leigh, Hillary, Candice-so her passwords start LeHiCa. Then she associates the first four letters of the sites url with a number, so if the site was www.abcd.com, her password would be LeHiCa1234. (If I'm confusing you go to the article, it's really easy, I promise!)

Don't start changing passwords before you come up with your recipe. Now, make sure you write the formula down and save it in your dayplanner or taped inside the kitchen cabinet-no need to write every password down. Once you're set go to each site, and change your password. Ms. Duffy does this twice a year, which is smart and once you have this practice down, it'll be much easier to do the next time. Now, go change some passwords!

When was the last time you changed your passwords?

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I changed my Amazon, Twitter out of necessity the other day. Usually, I will change passwords once a year.

I recently changed mine
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I change them probably once a year...


I also change my password once a year.