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How did you choose your username, and what does it mean?

Como escogiste tu nombre para este sitio, y que significa?

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Im always being told how sweet I am, so thats why I choose TheSweetChic

This is my cafemom screen name and it's our initials of my lil family
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Well it is my name along with the initial to my last name. ;)




El mio significa:

J esus

C hrist

T ele

V ision

C hristian

B roadcast

N etwork


 Mines just my named spelled differently.


my name is GOYASNOW and the reason behind it, well i didnt want to use the same one i use on cafemom and a long time ago a friend of mine nicknamed me GOYASNOW, goya for the puerto rican part of me Snow for the white in me...  and i have never used it as a screen name. i thought that it would be different


mine is beacause im a mom and my friends back in cali always called me trendy and 77 the year i was born


 It's my Cafe Mom screen name. Now I wish I had been more original.


Teeheeeeee...!! I just wanted something different and funny!  When I was in high school, my friend used to call me, "pancha" jsut to be funny. 


 Mine is because I love dragonflies and latina, because of the site.  so is LIBELULALATINA.