What do you do when you and your spouse disagree when it comes to the kids?

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Raising kids as a single mom is not easy, but sometimes raising them as a pair is not any easier.  What do you do when you feel like you are at war with your spouse when it comes down to the kids? 


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Our basic belief system is the same. Big issues we always agree on. Ocassionally we will disagree on the smaller day to day stuff. We just sit down and talk it out. It doesnt always work out and we have to come to a compromise. Either way, we both want what is best for our children so we try to keep that in mind.


I usually don't feel at war with my spouse. We respect whom ever has set the current rule or disciplinary action into place.


 We normally are in agreement with what goes on with the kids. If I don't like what he's doing or the other way around we pull each other to the side and talk about it.


When I don't agree we will discuss the issue when the children aren't around.


constant & heated topic in my house.  We get pretty ugly about it since we are both so headstrong about what we want & feel our children need.


My husband and I agreed that we will spank our child.  But we disagree on when.  At 2, I feel she's too young to understand.  Experts recommend you use timouts and such when your child is three.  So, I don't really want to spank my daughter if she doesn't know yet, why she's being spanked.  My husband disagrees and says we should start now. 


The same goes in my house we do agree on all the big things but its the small little things we sometimes cant agree on.  It's so fustrating eventually we work it out.


we use to get into big arguments becuz i didnt like it when he would discipline him , to me i thought he was to harsh on our son , but i started to see that my son would listen to his dad & not me , so   now i dont give in anymore ...we're on the same page .