alguien mas tiene a su bebe en la nicu/anyone else have a baby in the nicu??

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I do, my sweet girl Rhema has been a nicu warrior for 1 month and 1 day, today.. She was born Dec 21st at 42 weeks, She weighed 11 lbs 5 oz at birth sadly her birth went from a very calm homebirth to a transfer turned into a emergency c section due to my prior c section scar rupturing :(.. when Rhema came out she did not breath her apgar score was 3/8 :(... she was intubated shortly after and then transfered to a bigger hospital... she was intubated for 3 days and then on oxygen for about 4 more she is doing tons better now .. she was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and enlarged heart.. right now the only reason we are here now is due to her not wanting to nipple/bottle feed so she is on a feeding tube.. hopefully we will be going home soon tho 

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Awww I don't, all my kids were born early 34 weeks and the other two the day I turned 38 but fortunately all of them were able to come home.

I pray Rhema gets better and starts feeding on her own so she can be able to go home soon.
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My lil one is no longer in the nicu but im a mom of a lil girl who was born 24weeks premmature who is now 3yrs old  and she stayed in the NICU for 3months weighed 1lb 6oz. so i know what it feels like of not having your baby home stay strong and postive and before you realize it your baby well be home in no time. i know its easier said then done but i remember everything we had to go through it feels like it was just yesterday.. your gonna have many ups and many downs but from a mom who knows how you feel  dont loose hope mine is a very long story i have a blog if you would like to read of what i went through i can send you the link.. my thoughts and prayers are with you praying that your baby will be home with you soon,


becuz of my condition my son was born at 35 weeks cuz i wasnt able to carry him full term .  he was in icu for a week cuz his lungs were still premature. it was real hard for me to leave him at the hospital i stopped eatting and caught a fever so that i could stay longer, but the dr. gave me an IV and i got better so i had to leave the next day , i got lucky and stayed the night at the Ronald Mcdonald house in the hospital .. its a first come first serve basis . i didnt get lucky the other nights so i had to leave .. its real hard for me becuz your expecting to go home with your baby instead your going home with balloons & flowers . .. but we were at the hospital every morning till it was time for him to go home


No,im sorry i hope and pray she leaves the nicu soon.