What a Monday : /

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My ds has croup, my dd woke up with pink eye and my dh gave my baby a trim without my knowledge.  He's looking a little like the town fool, my poor baby!   Sighhh. I have lots of cleaning to do and then hope to my dvd. What are you ladies up to today?

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 Yikes and I thought I was having a bad morning! So sorry.


Oh wow that is one tough Monday!!! I hope the kids get better fast!!!

I'm really not up to much at all. I'm just posting away and trying to prepare for my open house on Sunday. So business stuff and loungeing.


Hope it gets better for you soon.

Awww :(
I have to go work in a bit. This cold rainy weather is making it difficult for me to get going lol
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 Thanks ladies. My ds is sleeping now. They both seem to be doing better.   Finally, time to myself!


Enjoy your 'me' time.

Oh man croup is really going around :( hope he feels better sOon
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Wow, all that in one day.

Hopefully tomorrow is better.



{{ Big Hug }}

Hope your week got better.


I hope your week got better
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