Family time

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 What do you do for family time? Do you go out? Stay home? Do you make plans for it or is it more like spur of the moment?

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It's more like spur of the moment kinda plans. 


We are the defination of spur of the moment.  DH is usually the one to say let go... & we just all hop in the car & off we go.  Most of the time it's to a place that he has come across while doing deliveries & has wanted to go back & check out with all of us.  He comes up with some really cool places.



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It's more like spur of the moment kinda plans. 



There are times when we plan things but most of the time we are spur of the moment people.  Sometimes it's more fun that way =)


We have designated days during the month where we have 'family game night' or 'family movie night'. Often we plan outings but mostly we are spur of the moment.


 We are a spur of the moment type of family too. We are always together though. I've started to walk the dogs to the park on Sunday's the kids come with me and we just chill at the park for a few hours. It's nice. Good chance to talk.


We are also the spur of the moment types! Sometimes we go to the movies, bowling or on a roadtrip. Other times we just hang out and play games together.


we go out on the weekends , either to the flea market , chuckie cheese , the park or just hang out with my brother & his kids