Speaking on RESPECT... *Soccer and Boxing*

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 2 sports that are HUGE in my house. JJ is more into Soccer then I am, but we both LOVE Boxing. I've noticed when they do have a "moment of silence" the Boxing worlds fans are such assholes. They are loud when they need to have the silence and I can hear ppl yelling "HURRY UP!" come one. How disrespectful. Soccer you can here a pin drop! I think it's more about American's being disrespectful then any other country. Just makes me sick. Sorry, a little off topic, but I felt I needed to post this.

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ML Ingrid

I also notice that the boxing world is very loud. Could be that they are already drunk? LOL


 lol maybe so.. most of the time they are in casinos. Either way though, I know when to shut up and when to go nuts, even when I'm plastered.


Maybe because of the sport itself? fighting brings out the a$@hole in everyone lol 


my family is more into boxing .. my sisters compadre is Juan Diaz  so everybody gets all rowdy during boxing night