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 So I'm assuming everyone got their Mama's Latina Tote bag in the mail..

What are you doing with it, using it for?

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 I'm using mine when I take the kids to the park and the dogs on their walks. It's perfect to put our waters in, the kids park toys and the doggies an extra water bowl so I don't have to lug my purse with me and it's washable.


I was using mine to pass out samples. But right now it's hanging in the closet. :P


 Any more takers??

ML Lourdes

I'm still waiting for mine =\

When I get it I'll use it for everything.  It'll be my Monday through Friday bag.  Gotta represent lol!!


I am using mine as a diaper bag .


I have not received mine...what do I do to get one..thank you so much...huggies,Linda




I'm still waiting for mine.


I used mine when I had to stay with my son at the hospital Thursday
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oh, someone told me they can't go in the drier ladies!! 

Don't put them in the drier. Air dry only. 

I just got it today . I think I used it as a diaper bag.
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